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ALTC Group Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Status Main File Number Details
BTCTTL 20160420ACZ 19779 KUNA-LP TX GRANTED BTCCDT 20160420ACR Click for Details
BTCTTL 20160413ABG 19779 KUNA-LP TX SUPERSEDED BTCCDT 20160413AAX Click for Details
BTCTTL 20050819ADJ 19779 KUNA-LP TX GRANTED BTCCT 20050819ADE Click for Details
BTCTTL 19971230PW 19779 K15EI TX GRANTED BTCCT 19971230PA Click for Details
BAPTTL 19971106JF 19779 K15EI TX GRANTED BAPTTL 19971106JF Click for Details

Note: This information may not be available for ALTC applications filed prior to 1996.