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ALTC Group Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Status Main File Number Details
BTC 20200225AAH 21476 WPNM-LD LD GRANTED BTC 20200225AAH Click for Details
BTCTTL 20100806ABJ 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BTCDTA 20100806ABG Click for Details
BALTTL 20081124ANV 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BALTTL 20081124ANT Click for Details
BALTTL 20070125ABN 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BALTTA 20070125ABK Click for Details
BALTTL 20000216ABD 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BALTTL 20000216ABD Click for Details
BAPLTTL 19971218IB 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BAPLTTL 19971218IB Click for Details
BAPLTTL 19970214IJ 21476 WLQP-LP LD GRANTED BAPLTTL 19970214IJ Click for Details

Note: This information may not be available for ALTC applications filed prior to 1996.