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ALTC Group Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Status Main File Number Details
BALDTL 20170804AAI 49183 W33AY-D LD GRANTED BALDTL 20170804AAI Click for Details
BALDTL 20170131AAG 49183 W33AY-D LD GRANTED BALTTL 20170131AAF Click for Details
BTCTTL 20090723ACK 49183 W33AY LD GRANTED BTCTTL 20090723ABU Click for Details
BTCTTL 20030321ACG 49183 W33AY LD GRANTED BTCTTL 20030321ABO Click for Details
BALTTL 20010508ABX 49183 W62CY LD GRANTED BALTVL 20010508ABQ Click for Details
BTCTTL 20010209ABD 49183 W62CY LD GRANTED BTCTVL 20010209AAW Click for Details
BTCTTL 19961209XR 49183 W62CY LD GRANTED BTCCT 19961209XA Click for Details

Note: This information may not be available for ALTC applications filed prior to 1996.