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ALTC Group Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Status Main File Number Details
BALDTV 20160906ABQ 53916 K11EV-D LD GRANTED BALCDT 20160906ABJ Click for Details
BTCDTV 20130516AMN 53916 K11EV-D LD GRANTED BTCCDT 20130516AKK Click for Details
BTCTTV 20090518AGP 53916 K11EV LD GRANTED BTCCT 20090518AEJ Click for Details
BTCTTV 20071012AMK 53916 K11EV LD GRANTED BTCCT 20071012AKL Click for Details
BALTTV 19990430HK 53916 K11EV LD GRANTED BALCT 19990430HA Click for Details
BTCTTV 19980612PV 53916 K11EV LD GRANTED BTCCT 19980612PA Click for Details

Note: This information may not be available for ALTC applications filed prior to 1996.