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Ownership Report Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Main File Number Details
BOA 20151201FOH 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20151201FOH Info  |  Application
BOA 20131125AMC 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20131125AMC Info  |  Application
BOS 20120813AAW 13792 KTGF TV BOS 20120813AAW Info  |  Application
BOR 20111122AHU 13792 KTGF TV BOR 20111122AHU Info  |  Application
BOS 20101018ABI 13792 KTGF TV BOS 20101018ABI Info  |  Application
BOA 20100512AGV 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20100512AGV Info  |  Application
BOA 20100506AAE 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20100506AAE Info  |  Application
BOA 20081126AUB 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20081126AUB Info  |  Application
BOA 20071203BXT 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20071203BXT Info  |  Application
BOA 20051201BFK 13792 KTGF BOA 20051201BFK Info  |  Application
BOS 20050207ABF 13792 KTGF TV BOS 20050207ABF Info  |  Application
BOS 20050103AET 13792 KTGF BOS 20050103AET Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AJS 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AJR Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AJN 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AJM Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AJI 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AJH Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AJE 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AJD Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AJA 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIZ Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIW 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIV Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIS 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIR Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIO 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIN Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIK 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIJ Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIG 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIF Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AIC 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AIB Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHY 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHX Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHT 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHS Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHP 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHO Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHL 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHK Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHH 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHG Info  |  Application
BOA 20031203AHB 13792 KTGF TV BOA 20031203AHB Info  |  Application

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