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Ownership Report Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Main File Number Details
BOS 20160608FYQ 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608FRC Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608FQX 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608FJJ Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608FJE 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608FBQ Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608FBL 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608ETX Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608ETS 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608EME Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608ELZ 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608EEL Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608EEG 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608DWS Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608DWN 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608DOZ Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608DOU 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608DHG Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608DHB 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608CZN Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608CZI 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608CRU Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608CRP 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608CKB Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608CJW 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608CCI Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608CCD 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608BUP Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608BUK 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608BMW Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608BMR 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608BFD Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608BEY 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608AXK Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608AXF 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608APR Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608APM 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608AHY Info  |  Application
BOS 20160608AHT 54576 WSCZ FM BOS 20160608AAF Info  |  Application
BOA 20151118AZX 54576 WSCZ FM BOA 20151118AZQ Info  |  Application
BOA 20131211AFI 54576 WSCZ FM BOA 20131211AFB Info  |  Application
BOA 20111130KIG 54576 WSCZ FM BOA 20111130KHZ Info  |  Application
BOA 20100708RAN 54576 WSCZ FM BOA 20100708RAG Info  |  Application
BOA 20070801HTH 54576 WIGL FM BOA 20070801HSZ Info  |  Application
BOA 20050729DFV 54576 WIGL FM BOA 20050729DFD Info  |  Application
BOS 20050201ABB 54576 WIGL FM BOS 20050201AAS Info  |  Application
BOA 20030731BMH 54576 WQKI-FM FM BOA 20030731BMA Info  |  Application
BOA 19990715AFR 54576 WQKI-FM AM BOA 19990715AFQ Info  |  Application

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