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Ownership Report Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Main File Number Details
BOS 20170302ACP 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOS 20170302ACG Info  |  Application
BOS 20170302AAL 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOS 20170302AAC Info  |  Application
BOS 20160322ABW 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOS 20160322ABN Info  |  Application
BOS 20160322AAX 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOS 20160322AAO Info  |  Application
BOA 20151201ESY 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOA 20151201ESP Info  |  Application
BOA 20151201ERH 55056 KTEL-CD CA BOA 20151201EQX Info  |  Application
BOA 20131219HNM 55056 KTEL-LP CA BOA 20131219HND Info  |  Application
BOA 20131219HMO 55056 KTEL-LP CA BOA 20131219HMC Info  |  Application
BOS 20130325AOZ 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOS 20130325AOQ Info  |  Application
BOS 20130325ANC 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOS 20130325AMT Info  |  Application
BOA 20111201EXO 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOA 20111201EXD Info  |  Application
BOA 20100708KYS 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOA 20100708KYF Info  |  Application
BOS 20090130AQE 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOS 20090130AQA Info  |  Application
BOA 20080401BBX 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOA 20080401BBT Info  |  Application
BOA 20080401BAU 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOA 20080401BAQ Info  |  Application
BOA 20080401BAA 55056 KTEL-LP TX BOA 20080401AZP Info  |  Application
BON 20060403BPK 55056 K56FB TX BON 20060403BOQ Info  |  Application
BON 20060403BOB 55056 K56FB TX BON 20060403BNC Info  |  Application
BON 20060403BLY 55056 K56FB TX BON 20060403BLR Info  |  Application
BOA 20050401AZN 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20050401AZF Info  |  Application
BOA 20050401AZC 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20050401AYC Info  |  Application
BOA 20050401AXI 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20050401AXB Info  |  Application
BOA 20030401BRT 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20030401BRL Info  |  Application
BOA 20030401BON 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20030401BOF Info  |  Application
BOA 20030401BMK 55056 K56FB TX BOA 20030401BMD Info  |  Application
BOS 20021104ACP 55056 K56FB TX BOS 20021104ACG Info  |  Application
BOS 20021104ABO 55056 K56FB TX BOS 20021104ABF Info  |  Application
BOS 20021104AAN 55056 K56FB TX BOS 20021104AAF Info  |  Application
BOA 19990301AGH 55056 K56FB TV BOA 19990301AGD Info  |  Application
BOA 19990301AGC 55056 K56FB TV BOA 19990301AFZ Info  |  Application
BOA 19990301AFU 55056 K56FB TV BOA 19990301AFR Info  |  Application
BOA 19990301AFQ 55056 K56FB TV BOA 19990301AFM Info  |  Application

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