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Ownership Report Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Main File Number Details
BOA 20151125BCP 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20151125BCL Info  |  Application
BOA 20151125BBQ 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20151125BBM Info  |  Application
BOA 20151125BAW 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20151125BAT Info  |  Application
BOA 20151125AZW 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20151125AZT Info  |  Application
BOA 20131106AHC 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20131106AGZ Info  |  Application
BOA 20131106AGA 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20131106AFW Info  |  Application
BOA 20131106AFK 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20131106AFG Info  |  Application
BOA 20131106AET 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20131106AEQ Info  |  Application
BOA 20111129ANB 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20111129AMY Info  |  Application
BOA 20111129AMP 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20111129AML Info  |  Application
BOA 20111129AMA 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20111129ALX Info  |  Application
BOA 20111129ALN 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20111129ALK Info  |  Application
BOA 20111129AKD 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20111129AKA Info  |  Application
BOS 20100608ACJ 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20100608ACF Info  |  Application
BOS 20100608ABY 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20100608ABT Info  |  Application
BOS 20100608ABL 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20100608ABH Info  |  Application
BOS 20100608AAZ 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20100608AAV Info  |  Application
BOS 20100608AAN 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20100608AAJ Info  |  Application
BOA 20100505ABX 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20100505ABU Info  |  Application
BOA 20100505ABM 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20100505ABJ Info  |  Application
BOA 20100505ABB 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20100505AAY Info  |  Application
BOA 20100505AAQ 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20100505AAN Info  |  Application
BOA 20100505AAF 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20100505AAC Info  |  Application
BOS 20090403ACM 57562 KZPK FM BOS 20090403ACJ Info  |  Application
BOA 20081124AMI 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20081124ALZ Info  |  Application
BOA 20061129AHP 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20061129AHG Info  |  Application
BOA 20041129BBD 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20041129BAU Info  |  Application
BOA 20030106AAU 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20030106AAS Info  |  Application
BOA 20021223AAX 57562 KZPK FM BOA 20021223AAU Info  |  Application

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