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Ownership Report Search Results
Member File Number Facility Id Call Sign Service Main File Number Details
BOS 20170710ABS 65661 KJOQ AM BOS 20170710ABR Info  |  Application
BOA 20151125ABO 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20151125ABO Info  |  Application
BOA 20151125AAT 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20151125AAB Info  |  Application
BOA 20131023AIR 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20131023AIR Info  |  Application
BOA 20131023AGR 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20131023AFZ Info  |  Application
BOS 20130822ACK 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20130822ACC Info  |  Application
BOS 20130822ABK 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20130822ABC Info  |  Application
BOS 20121113AKY 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20121113AKF Info  |  Application
BOS 20121113ADJ 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20121113ADI Info  |  Application
BOS 20120327AIE 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20120327AHM Info  |  Application
BOS 20120327AEV 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20120327AEU Info  |  Application
BOA 20111118ABV 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20111118ABD Info  |  Application
BOA 20111118AAK 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20111118AAK Info  |  Application
BOA 20100628BCK 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20100628BCD Info  |  Application
BOA 20100628AQI 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20100628AQI Info  |  Application
BOA 20071119ACX 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20071119ACW Info  |  Application
BOA 20071119ABV 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20071119ABV Info  |  Application
BOS 20070821ACJ 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20070821ACI Info  |  Application
BOS 20070821ABP 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20070821ABP Info  |  Application
BOS 20070227ABS 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20070227ABS Info  |  Application
BOS 20070227AAJ 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20070227AAI Info  |  Application
BOS 20060920ACU 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20060920ACT Info  |  Application
BOS 20060920ACB 65661 KQDS AM BOS 20060920ACB Info  |  Application
BOA 20051125ABL 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20051125ABK Info  |  Application
BON 20041129AIC 65661 KQDS AM BON 20041129AIB Info  |  Application
BON 20041129AHN 65661 KQDS AM BON 20041129AHN Info  |  Application
BOA 20031201APL 65661 KQDS AM BOA 20031201APL Info  |  Application

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