File Number = SESLIC2010072300952
Item Type Date Filed Commenter Name Description Document Link (if available)
REQUEST03/23/2011IB,FCCltrO3b Limited - Comm l
OTHER10/24/2012O3b LimitedO3b BondO3b FCC Bond no KO 8
NOTICE08/30/2013O3b NetworksO3b Bond Reduction NoticeSurety Rider FCC Bon
LETTER04/04/2013O3b LimitedChange of Registered AddressChange of address Ap
Section 1.65 Notification11/18/2011O3b Limited1.65 Notification200438413_1.pdf
NOTICE07/03/2013O3b LimitedLaunch and Operation CertificationLaunch and Operation
LETTER04/23/2012O3b LimitedLetter re Milestone Compliance ShowingLetter to FCC re Mil
NOTICE09/12/2013O3b LimitedNotification of Commencement of OperationNotification of Comm
Section 1.65 Notification04/06/2011O3b LimitedO3b 1.65 Letter 4.06.2011April 6 2011 Letter
Section 1.65 Notification12/09/2010O3b Networks USA LLCO3b 1.65 LetterO3b 1.65 Letter 12-0
LETTER08/30/2013O3b LimitedUKSA launch & ops licences for satellites 5-8UK Licenses 5-8.pdf
NOTICE05/07/2013O3b LimitedLaunch and space operations authorized by UKCover UK satellite l
Section 1.65 Notification07/12/2012O3b Limited1.65 Notification (7-12-12)1.65 Notification (7
LETTER12/12/2014O3b LimitedLetter regarding earth station license conditionsLetter re O3b earth
NOTICE07/18/2013O3b LimitedUpdated Telephone Num. for Network Operations Ctr.Updated NOC informat
Section 1.65 Notification04/22/2011O3b LimitedO3b Response to March 23 LetterO3b Response to Marc
LICENSE FILE08/13/2013P BlaisLicense as granted scanned from Offical Record file.20130813171307.pdf
ERRATA, ERRATUM OR ADDENDUM12/15/2014O3b LimitedUpdated Schedule B contact informationUpdated point of con
NOTICE08/18/2014Goldberg Godles Wiener & Wright LLPMilestone Notification and Request for Public Not8 Satellites Operati
Section 1.65 Notification04/22/2011O3b Limited O3B Simulation-8 sats 14 deg lat, 1m, 18 GHz (Item 3)O3B Simulation-8 sat
Section 1.65 Notification04/22/2011O3b LimitedGSO Seperation angle attachment to O3b response filed by emailO3b-GSO Separation A
Section 1.65 Notification04/22/2011O3b LimitedO3b Response to 3/23 FCC letter; ES off-axis EIRP masks (Item 7)O3b ES off-axis EIRP

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