File Number = ITC2142011090100289
Item Type Date Filed Commenter Name Description Document Link (if available)
REPLY09/19/2018NTIAReply PetitionREDACTED CMI Executi
LETTER07/02/2018NTIANTIA Letter to LinNTIA Letter to Lin J
LETTER07/05/2018NTIANTIA Letter to XuanNTIA Letter to Xuan
LETTER07/02/2018NTIANTIA Letter to BressieNTIA Letter to Bress
REPLY09/19/2018NTIAUnredacted Reply PetitionUNREDACTED CMI Execu
PETITION TO DENY07/02/2018NTIARedacted Petition to DenyREDACTED NTIA Filing
LETTER07/06/2018FCCFCC Letter Establishing Comment CycleLetter to CMIUSA Jul
OTHER02/11/2013Anthony J. BrindisiBrindisi Denial Request2.11.13 - Brindisi P
PETITION TO DENY07/02/2018NTIAUnredacted Petition to DenyUNREDACTED NTIA Fili
LETTER03/12/2013China Mobile International (USA) Inc.LetterChina Mobile letter
LETTER09/16/2015China Mobile International (USA) Inc.LetterCMIUSA CONTACT UPDAT
NOTICE09/18/2014China Mobile International (USA) Inc.NoticeCMIUSA FCC Change of
ORDER05/09/2019Federal Communications CommissionOrder to DenyChina Mobile Order (
NOTICE07/07/2014Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLPWithdrawal of CounselChina Mobile - withd
OPPOSITION08/20/2018China Mobile International (USA) Inc.OppositionCMIUSA Opposition (F
PETITION TO DENY07/02/2018NTIARedacted Petition to Deny Cover LetterRedacted NTIA Cover
SUPPLEMENT01/30/2015China Mobile International (USA) Inc.SupplementCMIUSA 214 Applicati
PETITION TO DENY07/02/2018NTIAUnredacted Petition to Deny Cover LetterUnredacted NTIA Cove
ORDER05/09/2019Federal Communications CommissionOrder to Deny UnredactedChina Mobile USA 214
LETTER07/04/2018China Mobile International (USA) Inc.Confact Information UpdateCMIUSA Corporate Con
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER10/06/2014China Mobile International (USA) Inc.LetterCMIUSA Ex Parte 6Oct
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER11/21/2016China Mobile International (USA) Inc.LetterCMIUSA Ex Parte 21No
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER12/16/2013China Mobile International (USA) Inc.Ex ParteCMI USA - FCC meetin
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER05/02/2019China Mobile International (USA) Inc.Ex Parte NoticeCMIUSA Ex Parte (1Ma

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