File Number = SATLOA2011122300248
Item Type Date Filed Commenter Name Description Document Link (if available)
DECISION08/03/2012IB,FCCGrantHughes - Grant Aug 3
ORDER03/15/2016IB,FCCDA 16-278EchoStar + Hughes -
REPLY04/17/2012Iridium Satellite LLCReply of Iridium SatelliteReply.77W.F.pdf
REPLY04/05/2012Hughes Network Systems, LLCHNS Reply CommentsReply Comments to Ir
REQUEST08/02/2013Hughes Network Systems, LLCRedacted VersionJupiter 77W Mileston
LETTER09/07/2012Hughes Network Systems, LLCCost Recover LetterCost Recovery Letter
SUPPLEMENT09/26/2014Hughes Network Systems, LLCRedacted VersionSupplemental Letter_
OTHER06/28/2013Hughes Network Systems, LLC2013 Ka-Band Annual Report20130628 HNS 2013 An
ERRATA, ERRATUM OR ADDENDUM01/04/2012Hughes Network Systems, LLCLetterClarification Letter
LETTER08/01/2014Hughes Network Systems, LLCHughes 77W Surrender LetterJupiter 77W Surrende
REQUEST08/02/2013Hughes Network Systems, LLCRequest for Confidential TreatmentRequest for Confiden
SUPPLEMENT09/26/2014Hughes Network Systems, LLCSupplemental Ltr - CONFIDENTIALSupplemental Letter_
COMMENT03/26/2012Iridium Satellite LLCComments of Iridium Satellite LLC 3-26-12Comments__77W.F[1].p
SUPPLEMENT09/26/2014Hughes Network Systems, LLCRequest for Confidential TreatmentRequest for Confiden
REQUEST08/02/2013Hughes Network Systems, LLCConfidential Attachment - Jupiter 77WL ContractConfidential Attachm

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