File Number = SESLIC2017080700885
Item Type Date Filed Commenter Name Description Document Link (if available)
LETTER04/01/2019IB, FCCCommission letterHNS Licensee Sub - C
LETTER01/08/2018HNS License Sub, LLCSupplementLetter for HNS gatew
REPLY04/29/2019HNS License Sub, LLCRequest for Extension of TimeHNS Request for Exte
EXHIBIT09/11/2017HNS License Sub, LLCExhibit A Coordination ReportExhibit A Coordinati
LETTER05/21/2019HNS License Sub, LLCHNS License Sub Response to April 1 Letter5.21.19 Response to
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER01/16/2018HNS License Sub, LLCEx Parte1.11.18.exparte + Sa
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER03/26/2019Hughes Network Systems, LLCEx Parte3.26.19 Hughes expar

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