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File NumberFile Number Sorted by Ascending Order Applicant Name Call Sign Date Filed PN Description
SES-MFS-20180919-02756 Intelsat License LLC E980502 09/19/2018
SES-MOD-INTR2018-05916 WAOW-WYOW License, LLC E050037 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05855 Elk Creek Lutheran Church 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05856 Eagle Communications Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05860 KBJR License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05861 KBJR License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05862 Eagle Communications Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05867 Nittany Media Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05868 Columbia Power and Water System 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05870 Sonalysts, Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05871 University of WI - Madison 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05872 Heritage Broadcasting Company of 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05873 KTIV License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05874 KTTC License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05875 KWWL License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05876 Madison Communications, Inc. 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05877 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05878 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05879 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05880 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05881 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05883 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05884 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05885 Windstream Lexcom Communications 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05886 TCB Holdings Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05887 L & P Broadcasting 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05888 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05889 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05890 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05891 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05892 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05893 Results Radio of Chico Licensee, 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05894 Eagle Communications Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05895 KROS Broadcasting, Inc. 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05897 Nittany Media Inc 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05898 Cooperative Television Associati 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05899 Verizon - Oath 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05900 WAOW-WYOW License, LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05901 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05902 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05903 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05904 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05905 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05906 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05907 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05908 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05909 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05910 Mediacom Communications Corporat 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05912 Corporation of the Presiding Bis 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05913 Word Radio Educational Foundatio 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05914 NBC Telemundo License LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05915 NBC Telemundo License LLC 09/19/2018
SES-REG-INTR2018-05917 Eagle Communications Inc 09/19/2018
SES-RWL-20180919-02758 WGN Continental Broadcasting Com E030276 09/19/2018
SES-RWL-20180919-02762 Tribune Broadcasting Seattle, LL E030207 09/19/2018
SES-RWL-20180919-02763 University of Tulsa E030259 09/19/2018
SES-RWL-INTR2018-05920 SpeedCast Communications Inc 09/19/2018