Hello, and welcome to the International Bureauís Electronic Filing System. By now you should have visited our "Getting Started" link and created your IBFS account. Now youíre ready to begin filling out forms.

Letís face it, no one likes filling out forms, especially federal ones. Here in the International Bureau, we have decided to make a concerted effort to make your experience using these forms as simple and easy to use as possible. At the present time we are reviewing every form, taking a new look at how we can improve their appearance and use for our applicants. We are working hard to bring easy to user step-by-step instructions to you for all of our forms and really appreciate your patience during our development phase. Our first three sets of instructions can be accessed through the links below.

We are determined to provide concise, yet readable and understandable instructions. Still, we know we can always do better. So, if there is a part or section on any of our forms that you feel we could explain or present better than we have, please let us know, at ibfsinfo@fcc.gov, subject line: forms.

Hi, Iím the IBFS Tip Guy; you can call me ĎTGí for short. Every time you see me Iíll have a special tip to assist you in completing a particular form.

Click the link below for instructions on completing an application for:
      1. International Section 214 Authority
      2. International Section 214 Request for Special Temporary Authority (STA)
      3. Satellite Earth Station Request for Special Temporary Authority (STA)

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