§214 Application - Instructions

"Give this application a name:" Enter here a description of this application that we/IB can use to identify it on the main menu.

#1. Applicant section –
Name: Here we would like for you to give us the name of your company or entity. We will use this name on the authorization.

Phone number: Please provide the official phone number of your company or entity.

DBA Name: Here we would like your "Doing Business As" Name IF its different from the "Applicant" Name. If no DBA name, please leave blank.

Fax Number: Please provide the official fax number of your company or entity.

Street:/City:/State:/Country:/Zipcode: Here, use your official address. If you know your 9 digit zip code, please fill in completely. If not, your 5 digit zip code will suffice.

Regarding "Country", please use the drop-down arrow and select your country from the list provided.

[When using drop-downs in IBFS, all you need do is type the first letter of the name of the State or Country to advance through the alphabet to your choices. Repeat the same letter over again until the option you need appears in the box. For example, for the Country of Ireland, you would hit the "I" x times to bring up "Ireland" from the drop-down list. For a country not listed, select "Other:" and type in the box.]

Attention: Please provide the name of a contact person, the one person in your organization, or at the law firm representing you, or the engineering firm representing you, that we can contact regarding information provided in your application. In addition,this contact person is the person who should retain an originally-signed document once this application is completed, and submitted as identified in item 19. See item 19 for further assistance.

#2. Contact

Name/Phone Number/Company/Fax Number/Street/E-Mail/City/State/Country/Zipcode:

Please provide the International Bureau with the one person in your organization that we can contact directly should we have to obtain more information about your application, or provide us with an explanation should we have questions about your filing. It can be the same information, the same person listed in the "Attention" box in the "Applicant" section above. (This can also be the attorney or any person who is submitting the application on behalf of the applicant. If identical to the information provided in the "Applicant" section, please repeat it here, making sure to provide the name of the contact person in the attention box.)

As for the "Company" box, provide information if different from the "Applicant" name in Part 1; otherwise, repeat "Company Name" here. Again, if you know your 9 digit zip code, please fill in completely. If not, your 5 digit zip code will suffice. Regarding "Country", please use the drop-down arrow and select your country from the list provided.

Contact Title: Please provide us with the contact person’s official title within your organization.

Relationship: Please use the drop-down button and select from the choices provided. The option "Same" means ‘Same as the Applicant Name’ in Part 1 of this form.
#3. Place of Incorporation of Applicant : List all the Government, States, or Territories where the applicant is incorporated, or pending incorporation.

[Regarding a "State," please provide the full name of the State or use acceptable Postal abbreviations; examples: Virginia = VA; Maryland = MD; Washington, DC = DC; Alaska = AK; Maine = ME; West Virginia = WV. Regarding a "Government, or Territory," please enter the full name.]

#4. Other Company(ies) and Place(s) of Incorporation : Here, please provide the name of any other individual or company or subsidiary that is associated with this application. If there is no other individual or company or subsidiary affiliated with this application, then PLEASE leave this field blank.

#5. Service Type(s) (check all that apply)
This unofficial compilation of rules is provided as a courtesy of the staff of the FCC’s International Bureau. The official rules appear in the Federal Register summary of each of the Commission’s orders. The official compilation of those rules is released annually as part of the Code of Federal Regulations. However, CFR usually does not reflect the Commission’s most recent amendments. Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is correct and up to date, but we are unable to guarantee its accuracy.

Global or Limited Global Facilities-Based Authority (§63.18(e)(1))

Global or Limited Global Resale Authority (§63.18(e)(2))

Individual Facilities-Based Service (§63.18(e)(4))

Individual Switched Resale Service (§63.18(e)(4))

Individual Facilities-Based and Resale Service (§63.18(e)(4))

Switched Services over Private Lines (ISR) (§63.16 and/or §63.18(e)(4))

Inmarsat and Mobile Satellite Service (§63.18(e)(4))

Overseas Cable Construction (§63.18(e)(4))

Individual Non-Interconnected Private Line Resale Service (§63.18(e)(4))

Other (§63.18(e)(4))

#6. Fee Classification: We have limited your option to the fee codes that can be used with this form. For Section 214 authority, select "CUT"; otherwise, select "

#7. Destination Country (ies): In this block, please provide the destination country in such forms as "Country X", or "All international points", or "All international points except Country X or Country Y" or "Countries X, Y, and Z only". Please state whether the destination country is a member of the WTO or not.

#8. Caption (description of authority requested): In this block, please provide information, such as "Application for Authority to Provide International Facilities-Based and Resold Services to All International Points Except Country X," or similar language. Please be as explicit as possible.

#9. Does the applicant request streamlined processing pursuant to 47 C.F.R.Section 63.12? If yes, include in Attachment 1 a statement of how the application qualifies for streamlined processing. Please identify as "a response to question 9".

["Streamlined processing" is defined in §63.12; all you need do is click on the hyperlink to see the explanation from our rules.]
#10. If applying for authority to provide switched services over private lines
pursuant to Section 63.16, provide the required showing in Attachment 1, and identify as "a response to question 10".

[For a detailed explanation of "switched services over private lines," click on the hyperlink provided.]

Applicant certifies that its responses to questions 11 through 17 are true and accurate, as follows:'

In questions 11-16, to locate the appropriate rule section referenced, please click on the hyperlink provided.

#11. If the applicant is a foreign carrier, or is affiliated (as defined in 47 C.F.R. Section 63.09(e))  with a foreign carrier, provide in Attachment 1 the information and certifications required by Section 63.18(i) through (m). Please identify as "a response to question 11".

#12. Does the applicant seek authority to provide service to any destination described in paragraphs (1) through (4) of Section 63.18(j)? (http://www.fcc.gov/ib/pd/pf/telecomrules.html#§63.18) If yes, list those destinations in Attachment 1 "as a response to question 12."

#13. Does the applicant seek authority to provide service to any destinations other than those listed in response to question 12 where it has an affiliation with a foreign carrier? If yes, list those destinations in Attachment 1 as "a response to question 13."

#14. [Section 63.18(h)] In Attachment 2, provide the name, address, citizenship and principal business of the applicant's ten percent or greater direct and indirect shareholders or other equity holders, and identify any interlocking directorates. Please identify as "a response to question 14."

#15. In Attachment 2, respond to paragraphs (d), (e)(4) and (g) of Section 63.18, and identify as "a response to question 15."

#16. By checking "Yes" on the form, the undersigned certifies that neither applicant nor any other party to the application is subject to a denial of Federal benefits that includes FCC benefits pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Act of 1988, 21 U.S.C. Section 862, because of a conviction for possession or distribution of a controlled substance. See 47 CFR 1.2002(b) for the meaning of "party to the application" for these purposes.

#17. By checking "Yes" on the form, the applicant certifies that it has not agreed to accept special concessions directly or indirectly from a foreign carrier with respect to any U.S. international route where the foreign carrier possesses sufficient market power on the foreign end of the route to affect competition adversely in the U.S. market and will not enter into such agreements in the future.

#18. Type IN (instead of Typed) Name of Person Signing

#19. Title of Person Signing: Please remember to obtain an original signature that matches the name typed in this block, and keep a copy of it in your files for future reference. An original signature should be readily obtainable from the person who’s name is provide in the "ATTENTION" block in the Applicant Section at the beginning of this application.


1: Attachment 1 should include answers to questions 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

2: Attachment 2 should include answers to questions 14 and 15.

3. Please use Attachment 3 for any information you feel we need to know to aid us in processing your application this is NOT covered in any other part of this application. A narrative form is preferred. This is not a required attachment.

Please review your application one last time, and then Save/Validate NOW.

Click on the Menu button to return to the Application Menu System screen, select the form, and click on the "File a Form" button to submit the application for processing.  Don't forget to pay any required fees.

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