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Callsign:   WEMY  Service:   FM  Community:   GREEN BAY, WI, US 
Class:   Channel:   218  Freq:   91.5    MHZ
File No.:   BLED-19930818KB  Dom. Status:   LIC  Main/Aux:  
Rule 73_215:   Cutoff Date:     Docket Number:    
Facility ID:   69196  Application ID:   189186  ASRN:    
Latitude: 44°  21 '  32 " 
Longitude: 87°  59 '  7 " 
  Horizontal Vertical  
ERP: 0.71  0.71  kw
HAAT: 226  226  m
RCAMSL: 469  469  m
RCAGL: 177  177  m
Not in a Border Zone
Non-DA No beam tilt
Antenna ID:     Make:     Model:    

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