File Number = SATSTA2019092400098
Item Type Date Filed Commenter Name Description Document Link (if available)
DECISION10/02/2019IB, FCCGrant change of statusSpace Exploration Ho
DECISION11/07/2019IB,FCCSpaceX STA Grant (corrected)SPACEX - STA Grant (
LETTER09/26/2019WorldVu Satellites LimitedConversion RequestConversion Request L
PETITION10/15/2019Kepler Communications Inc.Kepler Consolidated PetitionsKepler Consolidated
OPPOSITION10/17/2019WorldVu Satellites LimitedSpaceX STA Requests OppositionSpaceX STA Requests
LETTER11/12/2019Space Exploration Holdings, LLCSTA Confirmation of Initiation LetterSTA Confirmation of
REQUEST12/20/2019Space Exploration Holdings, LLCSpaceX Request to Remove STA DeferralSpaceX Request to Re
SUPPLEMENT10/24/2019Space Exploration Holdings, LLCSpaceX Supplemental STA InformationSpaceX Supplemental
OPPOSITION10/30/2019Space Exploration Holdings, LLC and Space Exploration Services, Inc.Consolidated OppositionSpaceX Consolidated
Ex PARTE PRESENTATION NOTIFICATION LETTER10/09/2019EchoStar Satellite Operating Corp, Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat & AT&TEx ParteSpaceX STA 100919 E

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